5 Transistor ESR Meter

At the start of December 2022 I started my build of the 5 Transistor ESR Meter. The original design was made by user Jay_Diddy_B of the EEVBlog Forum. My build is now finally complete. I’ve posted my completed build in EEVBlog Forum.

I had posted my progress to get there to the Fediverse. I just thought it will be nice to have everything in one place, so I reposted everything in this blog.

  1. Initial incomplete breadboarding.
  2. Later breadboarding and problem encountered. I received a lot of responses and suggestions on how to solve the problem here.
  3. Soldered to perfboard and problem solved.
  4. Built into enclosure.
  5. ESR scale drawn.

Build complete! A bit late, that is 🤭. Late because several days before my build was complete Jay_Diddy_B had just designed an improved ESR meter. The new design uses 7 transistors and can detect short-circuited capacitor. The schematic is not released yet. I’ll try to build that one too once it is released 🤞.

Extra resources: