Digital Clock - Part 3

This is part of the Arduino-based Digital Clock series. This post is the third post in the series. For the previous post in this series, go to Part 2.

I took a little detour from the planned post. Previously I planned to add buttons to setup time without using computer. However the breadboard I used was already crowded. So this time I transferred the circuit to a bigger breadboard, without changing the Arduino sketch. Notable changes are:

  • I no longer used the breadboard power supply. This time I used a LM7805 as the power supply.
  • I reversed the male headers on the RTC module. Now I can plug it directly to the breadboard.
  • I tidied the rats’ nest wires from before. Now I cut the wires by myself instead of using premade ones.

The result is prettier compared to the previous post, I think.

Now I have large vacant area under the LCD display. That’s where I will put the buttons next.

See you around, folks!