XR2206 Function Generator Kit

I have completed my build of a kit I bought last year: XR2206 function generator.

The kit provided build instructions, PCB, all components, and molded case including screws.

This kit need an external 9-12V DC power supply but did not provide it.

With 12V power supply:

  • Square wave output 11.4V (amplitude not adjustable). Duty cycle 50% (not adjustable).
  • Triangle wave output 7.96Vpp before it start clipping. Amplitude adjustable.
  • Sine wave output output 6.96Vpp before it start clipping. Amplitude adjustable.
  • Max frequency 1.2MHz. But at this frequency the square wave doesn’t look square, and the sine and triangle wave are indistinguisable.


  • Square wave output is always available (have its own terminal).
  • Triangle and sine wave output share the same output terminal and are switchable using a jumper.
  • The square wave and the triangle/sine wave output are always the same frequency (share the same frequency controls).
  • Amplitude control is reversed (turning the potentiometer clockwise will reduce the triangle/sine wave amplitude). It’s not like I soldered it the wrong way around either, the potentiometer footprint made it impossible.
  • The kit doesn’t provide a way to control the DC offset.
  • It is tiny. Width 5cm, length 6.5cm, and height 3.5cm (including molded case and potentiometers’ knobs).

A fun soldering project 😁